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"We celebrate local producers. We love good food. Drink too much. We cook with fire. We travel and live like there is no tomorrow."

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Yoder Jamborees

On behalf of House of Q’s BBQ Brian Misko and the Two Cowboys, you are invited to participate in the year's premium smoke and fire cooking events.  The events are hosted by renowned competition-winning Pitmaster BBQ Brian Misko, and resident online local food foragers and travel jokers, the Two Cowboys and their camera!

These will be events or what we like to call "Jamborees" taking place through 2020, across Western Canada. Jamborees will be held from March to October in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

BBQ Brian and The Two Cowboys will seek out a local brewery, winery, or other venue operators to host what promises to be a full day of excellent and unparalleled foodie-like instructional meat encounters.

Learn & Cook

In the morning, guests will have a VIP Educational Opportunity. VIP Guests will be instructed by BBQ Brian and the Cowboys on professional level meat and side preparation, smoking, and live-fire cooking techniques.

They will see demonstrations of basic and advanced methods for preparing and cooking traditional smoked fare. During the session, they will have the chance to quiz the experts and get first-hand knowledge of how best to cook with fire. They will also explore more adventurous recipes and ways for cooking pork, beef, lamb, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and even desserts.

BBQ Brian and the Cowboys will showcase some of the world's premium cooking technology and related products from their partners, Yoder Smokers, Furtado Cooking Woods, Smoker Broker, and others. They will use this equipment throughout the day as they prepare locally sourced ingredients into crowd-pleasing dishes. Local representatives of these products will be present. The products available for sale and they will field any questions from guests.

Share & Feast

During the afternoon, as the dishes come off the cookers, guests will have a taste experience of the day's fare. They will also meet some of their local food producers that provided ingredients for the cook.

All the time, the venue host will keep everyone well “lubricated” with the best craft beer or wine available. There may even be a local artist performing for late afternoon, early evening entertainment. It will be a feast!

The Two Cowboys will film and feature highlights of the day's festivities. It promises to be a unique day of hands-on food learning, tasting and feasting while supporting local producers and food/beverage businesses.

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