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"We celebrate local producers. We love good food. Drink too much. We cook with fire. We travel and live like there is no tomorrow."

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Monday, November 25, 2019

Two Cowboys Cooking in 2020!

Cooking Cowboys

Today marks the start of a new chapter in the lives and the stories of the Two Cowboys. We are embarking on the Two Cowboys' "Cooking" adventure.

"What will be different?" We are glad that you asked.  

The Two Cowboys Experience

We live the Two Cowboys Lifestyle, exploring local producers, small towns and celebrating great food. We film it and showcase our experiences through our online content. However, this time, we will also have an open invitation for people to participate. Come and do it with us. 

You've seen the movie, now drink the milkshake, pull the pork, rub the butt, bite the brisket, lick the sauce, and share in the adventure.

We will cook, cater, and eat our way through tremendous food experiences, and we invite you to enjoy it with us. You will be able to learn, cook, sample, and feast with the Two Cowboys and our partners.

The Two Cowboys Cooking adventure will be in three parts.
  • The Two Cowboys HQ and Milk Bar: This Spring, we are launching the Two Cowboys Cookhouse (HQ) and Milk Bar "pop-up concept" in Greenwood, British Columbia. It will be our new home base where we will have our kitchen, cookers, and smokers on display as we cook because we love it. At this location, we will redefine what it means to hang out around a fire with friends. During the special events, we will sample-serve traditional hearty to-go fire-cooked favourites and unique and amazing gastronomical marvels. On special occasions, and by invitation, be prepared to bite into delicious apple smoked pulled pork, creative and flavourful arepa creations, boerewors, porchetta, ribs, lamb shoulders, and much, much more. We will complement it with locally sourced cheeses, ice creams, milkshakes, custards, cakes and chocolate dessert creations. We promise that there will always be something new, top quality, and out of the ordinary to savour from the community in Greenwood, BC, on Highway 3.
  • Two Cowboys Exclusive Catering Events: With our partners, we are also taking the show on the road. We will be hosting exciting food events in unique and unusual locations in celebration of producers and seasonal local produce. During these events, we will be showing off our gear, instructing, cooking local ingredients, tasting, and enjoying exceptional dishes with our guests and supporters. You will find us at local craft breweries, vineyards, campgrounds, in a tent, on a vacant lot, at a food festival, parking spot, in a forest, or on a beach - wherever we can share the gospel of fire cooking local produce.
  • Two Cowboys TV and Blog: All the time, we will continue to produce online content to showcase, chronicle, and entertain you with the adventures of the Two Cowboys lifestyle. 


Our travels and the time we've spent with many producers over the last three years made us realize one significant fact. Just how right we've been to celebrate the makers and producers in our communities. 

In particular, we marvelled at the dedication of our farmers and food producers to persevere in a world where quality and authenticity remain under threat. It is why we are motivated to showcase and celebrate even more of their work by preparing, cooking, serving, and sharing their products and those of our partners that allow us the opportunity to do it. 

There is a profound reward for makers in the simple act of creating and adding value. In its purest form, we've recognized how people change for the better in health and outlook when they embark on something as simple as regularly finding, cooking and sharing food. By doing it over a fire, it becomes even better - no matter the weather (Yes, we are cooking in the middle of the Canadian Winter). 

We continue to pursue and share our passion online and offline, for this highly rewarding and sacred ritual. We also endeavour to bring even more people into the fold of preparing and eating real, locally produced, and self-cooked food. We hope you can share the journey with us as this unique adventure continues and promises to become something impressive.

See you on the road!

P.S. If you want to partner with the Two Cowboys on any of the above, then please get in touch. We are on the lookout to feature produce, partners, chefs, hosts, and unique locations for the festivities.

Cooking Cowboy


Two Cowboys

Cooking School

Flame Grilled

Two Cowboys H-Q

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Off the Desk and Into the Sauce with House of Q in Vernon, BC

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If you are tired of mixing the same seasoning spices every time you cook a steak, then you have to meet Brian Misko. If you are not up to making your own BBQ sauces from scratch, when quickly needing to grill a pork chop, or slow smoking a butt, then House of Q is your home. You have something in common. If you are in need of tasty BBQ seasoning spices and sauces for your cooking hobby, there is a Q solution.

Brian built a business from it. He created base seasoning and saucing for his out-of-control hobby and then shared it with other like-minded BBQ and grilling enthusiasts. It quickly became the go-to for customers pressed for time, with no appetite for compromise. People that require award-winning foundations for their love of meat. He called it House of Q.

Successful companies come from innovative entrepreneurs that invent products or services out of necessity. People who take their products to market for others to also enjoy. Brian is one of the best examples of how to start such a business. He is selling something he made, like, and use regularly. By doing it, he is adding value with his products, advice and support, to other like-minded enthusiasts in his BBQ industry.


Episode 1 - Cooking with Yoders

Episode 2 - Cooking with Q


Escaping the Pod

It is an all too familiar, yet, still an inspiring story. According to Brian, it started around 2004. His cubicle in the software industry became too small. His escape was the discovery of his love for cooking. More and more of his time went into this passion. BBQ competitions followed. Before long, a little media attention, and voila! House of Q was born as a byproduct of this drive for award-winning food.

BBQ'ers have few choices for making a living from their passion. Some will call it art. Many cater to functions. A few start restaurants or smokehouses. Even fewer become entertainers. Starting a manufacturing business and launching a consumer brand with the name "House of Q" is probably one of the hardest and gutsiest ways to earn a living.

Brian escaped his pod. Today he spends his time honing his competitive cooking streak, developing new products, promoting them where he can, and inspiring others to discover their own food passions.

What he makes, promises to deliver a little help on the way to BBQ salvation. It includes a cookbook, seasoning spice blends, and sugary smokey spicey sauces - the necessary base ingredients for old-fashioned low and slow Southern BBQ. In his free time, he is generous with his advice and his commitment to inspire healthy living through good eating, and the art of cooking with fire.


Here is where the House of Q meets the Two Cowboys. We eagerly promote something we enjoy.

The Cowboys likes using Brian's products. It saves us from assembling our own beef pepper seasoning, which mostly contains the same ingredients. Q's all-purpose seasoning works equally well on pork ribs and chicken. We cannot decide if we like the Rocking Red or the Apple Butter Sauce more. We guess it depends on our mood and the amount of beer lubricating our cook. All we know is that our pork has never tasted more "Appelly" and "Zingy" when combining the two.

When it comes down to it, we share a passion for cooking with Brian. We agree about the need to advocate for more people to cook, grill and BBQ at home. You eat better that way. We both buy from local food producers, sourcing in-season ingredients for our cook, and include more fresh vegetables and meat protein in our diets.

Above all, we love sharing our passion with the people we call our friends. There is nothing better than to cook with fire, doing it for, and with the people we love, and findings innovative ways of telling the world about it. That is why we like a little House of Q. It comes from the same place.


P.S. Get your House of Q products here.

Cooking Cowboy

We earn our livelihood by producing great content and supporting inspiring people, businesses, and communities. Please book us here so we can tell your story too.


Getting the Sauce

Quality Control 
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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The New Old-World of Greenwood City in Boundary Country, British Columbia

Old Stuff

When one visits old-world destinations like Venice, Paris or Amsterdam, you become aware of the stark contrasts between the day-to-day hustle and the much, much longer and older timelines that birthed their character, their people’s cultures and unique personalities. 

In our migratory New World, like Canada or New Zealand, we don’t have a similar appreciation for omnipresent antiquity and the uniquely localized identities of the people. Sometimes, it is even hard to distinguish Calgary from Denver or Regina from Edmonton. If we did, we would discover and appreciate that here too is an “old world” charm, woven into the fabric of what, and who we are. Examples like Montreal and Quebec City come to mind. 

However, further West, we easily forget. Too quickly we lose the charm of our heritage as we hastily pave over it, strip mall, tear down, franchise, and progress it to oblivion. If we look around, we will realize that there are gems to be discovered. Dare I say it, places to be protected and cultures to be preserved and celebrated.



New World Gems

Talk about the City of Greenwood with any modern-day Canadian, and most will shrug with just one comment, “Where is that?”. When you visit Greenwood, something grabs your attention about British Columbia’s smallest city, a one-time candidate for the Provincial Capital, and the previous seat of the Provincial High Court. Everyone in the West knew about Greenwood in 1897.

Walk the streets (yes, not speed through it on Highway 3, at 100km/hour) and you become acutely aware of its rich history, thanks to the ongoing efforts of the few remaining residents. They are desperately trying to preserve the crumbling buildings, hold on to the rich can-do mining character, and tell the boom-and-bust stories of days long gone.

There is a character to Greenwood and a hardy identity to its people. It needs to be rediscovered and celebrated. In Greenwood, the old-world charm of the Canadian West and the pioneering spirit of Canada is particularly strong. Even its time-worn accelerated degradation and central location in the Boundary Country offers an eerie charm or omen to the still remaining places around it. It reminds one of that powerful and always-present inescapable universal flow.

Flow of Time

Humanity is insignificant within its force. Regardless of who we are, where we are, what we had for breakfast, or how we drink our coffee, our world will keep on spinning at a speed of 1,800 km/hour. We will continue to be screeching around the sun at 108,000 km/hour, as our solar system spirals at 750,000 km/hour through this galaxy. Our planets will continue to exist for another 4 billion years, our Universe expanding for another 13.5 billion more.

Within this mind-numbing magnitude, we are part of the flow, and we are because of the flow.

All we can do is hang on to a minuscule significance, oblivious of the speed at which we hurtle through time and pace. For us, the sun came up in the morning and will go under this evening. The seasons will pass. Life will begin, friendships made, and partners lost. Civilizations will rise. Some will fall. Industries will blossom and die, presidents elected, killers executed, trees grow, suns collapse, species disappear, climates change and Black Holes born. Gold will be discovered. Fortunes made, and many will be lost.

We will grow old. Our lives will end. Soon, someone will forget.

We stand alone against the massive freight train of life. In the blistering madness of its momentum, we can only try to find a place - our place, a sense of purpose, some significance. A point to it all. The best we can hope for is conscious glimpses grasping at fleeting, subjective moments of awe, splendour, beauty, love, acceptance, and pleasure in the places and with the people we love.

There is no Heaven, no Valhalla, karma, or fortunate re-dos waiting on the other side.

This is it, a sliver of existence in time, a minuscule place in the Universe. Living is all we get. Holding on is what we have. The big question then is, “What to do with it?”

The answer, “Be”. The world forgets easily but definitely.

Greenwood, BC

Greenwood is all about history, it goes back to 1891 with the discovery of gold, silver and copper in this once thriving mining camp. Incorporated as a city on July 12, 1897, the BC Copper Company smelter was built in 1901 and brought prosperity to the city, becoming known as the “hub” of the Boundary. The surrounding mines brought fortune seekers from many parts of the world, but the boom was short-lived. After the first World War, copper prices plummeted and Greenwood’s success soon diminished. People left in droves and by 1940 the population had dwindled to a few hundred.

The forced internment of Japanese Canadians off the west coast of British Columbia in 1942 changed the course of Greenwood’s history. A ghost town from its former glory days, Greenwood became BC’s first internment camp. 1,200 people were crammed into the many empty buildings, hotels and houses; remnants from days long ago. The little city once again began to thrive.

The city has proven its resiliency over the years and now demonstrates an excellent destination for history buffs. Many adventures await you in this historic little city.


Enjoy the little feature we’ve put together about the museum of Greenwood. Yes, it is a museum, but we know it is also the memories, character and the personality of its people. We have already invested in Greenwood and is soon becoming residents of this charming little gem.

We invite the world to come and visit, stay and build a life with us.

Come to see Greenwood.

Our New Home
Boundary Cowboy

We earn our livelihood by producing great content and supporting inspiring people, businesses, and communities. Please book us here so we can tell your story too.



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