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Monday, August 17, 2015

Your Knowledge is Valuable

Ever Thought of Training Someone?

The Producer: The Trainer

Producers should train others. By becoming trainers, they can change society.

You are a successful producer. You make things. You've built a business through hours, days, and years refining your craft. Do you realize other people would love to know what you know, and do what you do? 

Our society depends on people like you, and businesses like yours. The more producers we have, the better our world becomes. Producers are proud people, hard working people with a passion for what they do.

There is a problem: What our children learn in school today has nothing to do with being a producer, or making something. After graduating from high school, many of them still do not have the necessary skills to work in our businesses. Most secondary education is expensive, and pushes it out of reach even further. 

Where can they go to learn how to become a producer? Where will our future generations learn how to be the best best bakers, farmers, chocolatiers, builders, carpenters, winemakers, cheesemakers, and more. Is there a way that they can learn from the best?

What if they can learn it from you?

The explosion of Online Video Training is an opportunity to invest in ours and their future. With good quality online training, accessible from anywhere, learners can bypass the institutions and go right to the source - you. It is now possible to be trained by the experts directly. Your expert knowledge as a producer is valuable and can unlock this training opportunity. There are thousands of learners that will jump at the opportunity to be tutored by those that do it every day.

Here is the marketing message: With our online video training production services, our mission is to train more producers and turn them into entrepreneurs. We want to place good quality video training within reach of every person with an Internet connection and an eagerness to learn. 

If you help us with your expertise, we hope to restore the ethics and value of work. By training future producers we make people productive, and restore their sense of purpose. By encouraging aspiring producers to become entrepreneurs, our goal is to restore the value of production in a misaligned consumption driven society.

We propose to work with Producers like you, to develop online training, and change the world.

What's In It for You

You are the Producer with the expertise. Most probably, training people is not something you've had in mind, or have time to do. You may have considered it, but didn't know how to do it.

We produce online video training. We deliver and distribute it. Our business is to take your expertise, and turn it into online video training.

By combining our efforts, we can create great learning experiences for future producers and entrepreneurs.

Value to You: The Producer

  • Market Exposure for Your Business: Training enhances your brand. Your business stands out from competitors, because of the the contribution you make in the development of your craft, industry and your community. More people will know about your business, and the value you have to offer. 
  • Recognition for Your Expertise: Being a trainer immediately distinguishes you. By showcasing your knowledge and experience, prospective students can recognize the contribution you make in developing your craft. No one knows exactly what you know. Every Producer's experience is unique. By sharing your knowledge, you create more opportunities for yourself, and for others to work with you.
  • Revenue: We carry the risk of the production investment, and share the revenue with you after the initial cost is recovered. There could be scope for multiple courses, and each offers its own earnings opportunity. Earnings is determined by the demand for your training.
  • Staff and Customer Development: The training we produce can be valuable if for your own staff. It can also add value to your customers. For example: "How to?" training is used in many industries to help customers make the most of their product purchases.
  • Training Product: We commitment to produce an above the standard training product, that is associated with your business and enhances your brand. It is something you can be proud of, and share with your current and prospective customers.

Your Investment: Mostly Your Time

  • Your Time for the Production: We need to record you training. This we do, in many cases while you go about your regular work day. We need your input and feedback on the course materials we produce on your behalf, such as presentations, documents, etc. This is included in the course to enhance the learning.
  • Ongoing Student Feedback: We take care of the day-to-day student feedback, discussions and administration. However, some times the expert (you) will have to weigh in on a topic. We must be able to call on you for this contribution, occasionally. 
  • Refreshers: Training works well when it is regularly updated and improved. Depending on the course materials, some of your time will be required to produce additional material, or to help us refresh older items.

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