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"We celebrate local producers. We love good food. Drink too much. We cook with fire. We travel and live like there is no tomorrow."

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Cookhouse & Milk Bar

Open on Weekends (Sat & Sun) from 10:00 - 16:00
(BBQ Served from 14:00 until sold out.)

This is SLOW FOOD...

In historic Greenwood’s city centre, you will find Two Cowboys cooking, smoking meat, and serving treats created from local products and food ingredients. You can purchase sauces, spices, cooking fuels, BBQ equipment, and learn more about cooking with fire!

The Cowboys are playing with food and catering to the people and events in the Boundary area. Stop by for a sample of what they make and learn more about the art of the perfect BBQ. They proudly showcase Yoder Equipment while cooking the excellent produce of the area. 

The Cowboys invite patrons to feast with them during the Summer months.

Sampling Two Cowboys Cooking

When the Cowboys are in town you can stop by for a sample of what they cook and learn about BBQ, Braai, and Cooking with Fire. 

There are specific days for serving BBQ so keep an eye on the calendar - usually over weekends during the summer months and order ahead.
  • Cooking with Fire - Experience: Join the Cowboys for small group learning and discovery sessions where they show you how to cook with fire. During these experiences, you will learn more about BBQ and grilling, and discover the unique food and flavours from the Boundary's Producers.

The goal is to cook and showcase whatever local producers make, raise, and grow. 

Please step in to discuss your event and help us support our local community's Producers.

"Eat Locally"

Open on select days from 14:00 until sold-out for the day.

Our Address:

318 Copper Ave. South
Greenwood, British Columbia
Canada, V0H 1J0

Phone: +1 403 605 8343