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"We celebrate local producers. We love good food. Drink too much. We cook with fire. We travel and live like there is no tomorrow."

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Cowboys Cookhouse & Milk Bar

"Thank you to all our patrons for a great first Summer 2020 in Greenwood!"

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Changing of the Season

We worked hard to find our rhythm as we opened our doors in the early hours of crazy 2020. Your feedback's been invaluable to help us find our feet. We invented and created a new type of dining experience and we are thankful to all our patrons.

HQ is now moving away from its seasonal faster food, smokehouse menu, and regular hours. For Fall and Winter, we focus on specialized personalized dining and unique food celebration events.

This is SLOW FOOD...

In historic Greenwood City's centre, you will find Two Cowboys cooking, smoking meat, and serving sugary and dairy treats created from local products and ingredients. You can also purchase sauces, spices, cooking fuels, BBQ equipment, and learn more about their adventures cooking with fire!

At HQ, the Cowboys are playing with food. They cater to the visitors, residents and events in the Boundary area. The Cowboys invite patrons to feast with them as they celebrate all things food. You are always welcome to stop by for a sample and to learn more about the art of cooking with fire. 

They proudly showcase their Yoder Equipment and will supply you cooking fuels from Springbok Braai. 

The Cowboys are always eager to share stories about their travels, passions, barbecuing, braai, and cooking.

Sampling Two Cowboys Cooking

Here is how you can enjoy Two Cowboys cooking:

  • Low and Slow BBQ - During the Summer months, the Cowboys serve BBQ and wood-fired grilling meals over weekends - Saturday and Sunday.
  • Personalized Private Dining - The Two Cowboys craft customized dining experience for small groups (of up to 10 people) to dine privately at HQ at their leisure. Dining in can be as simple as a steak dinner with friends or as sophisticated as a six-course set menu and feast for a celebration or special occasion. Contact Hendrik (details below) to discuss and book your Private Dining experience.
  • Food Celebrations - From time to time the Two Cowboys host special Food Celebration events. Patrons can purchase tickets online to dine-in, or take out a special meal. Look out for their famous Steak and Spud Dinner, Surf and Turf, and other events advertised from time to time on Facebook.
  • Classes and Experiences - Join the Cowboys for small group learning and discovery sessions where they show you how to cook with fire, make gelato, chocolate, barista, and many other unique endeavours working and enjoying food. Upcoming and available classes are also published on their Facebook page.

"Eat Locally"

Our Address:

318 Copper Ave. South
Greenwood, British Columbia
Canada, V0H 1J0

Phone: +1 403 605 8343