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"When you get, give. When you learn, teach!"

Who We Are

We are Two Cowboys that travels the world to produce entertaining online content and promote our destinations. We do it to encourage you to support our communities, people, businesses, and events. We tell their inspiring stories so that you know who they are.

Learn more about restaurants, markets, festivals, food and drink producers, tourism destinations and much more.

We left the cubicle, stepped off the mortgage train, took the red pill and dropped out of the corporate "rat race" in January 2016. Today we tour North America and New Zealand in our vans and motorhomes while re-inventing the art of living. We've profiled more than 200 businesses, events and associations in our first year (2016) alone.

Do you want to know who our local producers are, what they do and why they do it? Are you aware that small town producers are disappearing? People are no longer making things. Our artisans and traditional local producers like our bakers, butchers, cobblers, tailors, brewers, farmers and others are disappearing. Find out who is still near you. Meet them and hear their inspiring stories.

If you want to support your local businesses, buy from them. We also invite you to come with us. Join us on our journey as we endeavor to meet them and tell their stories. Please help us record, produce and share more information about our people, towns, business and the character of our small towns. Please become our patron and tell us where we should go and who's stories you want to hear.

We invite you to come with us. Join us on our journey as we meet them. Please help us record, produce and share more about the local people, towns, business, and character of our communities.

Please become a patron of ours.

We launched a content channel that tells amazing stories to our loyal and supporting audience numbering in the thousands. You can get early access to it here on Patreon:

Our videos are published on YouTube, and our writings and photos on this Blog and Social Media.

You can share in our experiences at

Why We Do It

On our trip, we give local businesses and makers a promotional hand by producing content about them. It showcases their work to our ever growing audience. Our content promotes our people. In turn, they become our sponsors and our patrons. They give us the financial means to tell the world about more of them. Because they sponsor us we wear their clothes, walk in their boots, put on their hats, drink their beer, have their coffee... You get the picture.

Our people's voices are growing faint in the face of globalization and ever-increasing rules, compliance, and regulation. It is hard being a small business or manufacturer in the western world. Our towns are waning and disappearing as a result. The simple principle of successful community is under threat because we are losing the knowledge of who we are, and who our neighbor is. We need to know more about the people around us. Those that provide us with our products, food, employment and take care of our needs. We need more information about the world near us.

Our purpose is to showcase the value and role that Producers and makers play in our various communities and society overall. Our people are awesome, and someone needs to tell their stories. By telling their stories, we promote these people, businesses, events, and associations.

People do amazing things. There is a positive Producer story in every town, and we want to tell it. We will share with our audience:
  • Who are these fantastic people?
  • What do they produce?
  • What motivates them?
  • How they started?
  • What keeps them going and inspired?
  • How their communities are involved, and who benefits from what they do?
See Our: Producer's Manifest

What We Do

We tell stories through professionally produced and entertaining online content. For our patrons, we provide the inside track to our experiences through premium content on Patreon.

After 25 years in the corporate world, and running the "rat race" we are now full-time dedicated to our cause. We are perpetual travelers and storytellers. See where we've been here on our map.

We are always on the hunt for incredible people, businesses, and places. The people we feature and profile make deli meats, architectural woodworking, beer, chocolate, roasts coffee, cereal, ice cream, software, tools, and much, much more. Our community news cover events, markets, and small businesses. We produce content weekly. It is better than TV.

The people, businesses, events, and associations we feature benefit from an enormous amount of marketing and promotional exposure from the Two Cowboys through:
  • Video: See here.
  • Photography and Blogging: See here.
  • Social Media: See here.
  • Shopping: See here.
  • Experiences: See here.
  • Online Reviews.
All the proceeds from our earnings are plowed straight back into covering our costs for traveling and promoting local communities and Producers. We will be traveling, meeting, eating, learning, and producing stories about our journey. You will be able to track our progress on this site, and through our YouTube channel: Two Cowboys & A Camera and Facebook Page.

We also have premium patron only content which we publish for our loyal followers, sponsors and supporters on Patreon:

Get Involved

If you want to be featured as a producer, or know a producer that has a story we must tell, then get in touch. We will try to work it into our schedule.

See you on the road.
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