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"We celebrate Life! We love good food. Drink too much. We cook with fire. We travel and live like there is no tomorrow."

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Zoom Braai/Live Online Events

Two Cowboys Live - Braai/BBQ

Braai and BBQ Friends,

We miss our friends. We've found the next best way to connect with our braai/bbq buddies is through live events. 

We invite you to hang out virtually with the Two Cowboys through an online live event - A Zoom Braai.

NEXT EVENT: To be Advised.

Live LINK:  Coming Soon...

*Please note the link changes for every event.

We've had our first event at the end of 2020. It's been a growing phenomenon. People are connecting around cooking and sharing food. They are from South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, USA., South America and Australia.

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The Turd Wave...

What Are We Talking About?

We are "gatvol" of lockdowns, masks, viruses, travel restrictions, and all the reasons that are invented to stop us from hanging out with our friends. As we say in South Africa - "A Boer maak (makes) 'n plan!"

We still want to connect with like-minded people. We are now only doing it online as a virtual live event. We invite friends to braai or bbq together. Light a fire, cook with gas if you must. Just cook with family, crack open a beer, pour your favourite beverage and share the event with us from wherever you are across the World.

It is a tradition in South Africa to braai on a Saturday (and every other excuse we can get). It simply means we celebrate friendship and family around a shared meal. 

With a Zoom braai, we can celebrate with friends and family from all over the globe. We braai/BBQ anyway. Why not join us?

The Two Cowboys are hosting the event from Canada's smallest city and Cookhouse: Two Cowboys HQ in Beautiful Greenwood, BC, Canada

How It Works

  • Start: The Cowboys will kick off the live event with an online conference link (listed above) listed on our social media and YouTube Channel. We continue to braai and BBQ for as long as people join us online - usually up to 12 hours.
  • Join: Spectators and participants are welcome to join online through a virtual meeting from their cellphones/tablets/computers from anywhere in the world where you can connect to our Zoom room (South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, USA, China, Canada, etc.). You can have multiple connections to give us all the angles and introduce us to everyone at your party.
  • When: You and your team can join anytime and leave at anytime and as many times as you want during the ensuing hours. The virtual meeting stays open. 
  • Braai/BBQ and Cook: We invite you to observe or showcase your braai/BBQ and cooking activities, equipment, and skills or, just hang out with the group and meet some cool people with a common interest.
  • Beverages: Remember to have a cold beer or other preferred beverage on hand. Several beverages may be required as the day progress.
  • Live: We post the link above before every event - just click on the link. It is that easy.
  • Invite Friends: Spread the word! 
  • Behave: We reserve the right to kick you out if you become destructive. Mind your language and try to stay sober, else you are bound to miss meeting cool people. Don't be a d**s!

We have our Special Friends and Sponsors

 Due to increasing interest in the event, our supporter list is also growing.

Our Sponsors get a chance to showcase their products, share information about their organization and field questions from current and prospective customers. If you want a chance to be a Sponsor and showcase your products. Get in touch and we can introduce you to our team. 

Thank you to our current Sponsors and Supporters:

Just Give Us a Call or Invite Us Over to Know More

Phone Number: +14036058343

Or, try WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Smoke Signals, Drums.... we would love to get to know more about you.


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