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Sunday, April 3, 2016

o-CNN: Cowboy News Network - Motoburrito, Turner Valley

Wheel on Over Mexico!

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The sun is out and the snow is gone. It is Spring in the Canadian Rockies of Canada. If you are a rider, horse, steal or otherwise, you have to point your nose to Turner Valley this Summer. It's a lot closer than Mexico, but with authentic Mexican burritos and cyan coffee. You heard it right. Little Mexico on the Prairie. I couldn't resist ;-).

You are guaranteed by the ladies at Motoburrito to wake up, or warm up. The choice is yours.

Sleepy Turner Valley always gives the impression of a half dead one horse town, until you realize: There are a few gems tucked away, that only requires the down to earth friendly cowboy handshake to be let into the secret.

Say "Hi" to them from the Two Cowboys, and be sure to sign-up for the Dirty Sanchez. It will have you come back for more!!

Hendrik van Wyk
Cowboy News Network

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