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Monday, September 12, 2016

o-CNN: Weta Coffee - Your Local Roaster in One Tree Hill, Auckland New Zealand

The First and the Last

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There should be two important and largely invisible people in every person's life. Ones with the power to make a person's day. They are people not usually noticed, but who are integrally part of our daily routines. Thanks to them, life can tick over with a familiar and predictable rhythm. Without them, it becomes just a little bit harder. If they play their parts perfectly, you don't notice them. If they mess up, everything is affected.

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Even when things don't always go to plan, these people provide you with a foundational stability and familiar comforts. Something reliable. They help to prepare you to face the next big challenge life may throw at you.

No, I am not talking about the people stocking your toilet paper. I am referring to the two unsung hero's of our society: The Barman, and the Barista. The one puts you to bed at night, and the other wakes you in the morning. The one pours you your favourite drink after a hard days work. The other, sets you up for greatness in the morning, with your first kick of caffeine for the day.

It is important that you choose these people carefully for a harmonious and meaningful life. Ask anyone that is married just how critical this choice is. Yes, it can be your spouse or partner. My preference is professionals for these paramount tasks.

The Professionals

This is what we encountered when we were graciously nudged on Facebook to pay Weta Coffee a visit in one of Auckland, New Zealand's more established neighbourhoods: One Tree Hill (also referred to as "None" Tree Hill - there is a story there for another time). Miles and Sandra at Weta are professionals. They know what to do to start One Tree Hill's folks off on a good day, every day of the week. 

Every corner store in New Zealand boasts an espresso machine. It is the land of milk and honey (and good coffee, generally). The bar is significantly higher in this part of the world if you want to stand out as a "hole in the wall" neighbourhood coffee spot. There are a lot of good coffee places.

Weta Coffee graduates with flying colours by roasting and blending their beans to the taste preferences of their loyal, discerning, and by now, very devoted clientele. When you drink Weta Coffee, you get One Tree Hill's coffee. A little on the stronger side, a bit more acidity, rich, with a lingering chocolate note as Miles Masters (Roaster and Co-Owner) prefers it. Above all, it is fresh because they roast and blend it themselves every Sunday afternoon. 

How do you judge the quality of a coffee shop? 

For the Two Cowboys, the coffee shop must occupy the vital place of being the (morning) heart of the community. Like your local brewery or bar, the coffee shop is the place where the people of the area come together to meet the neighbours, talk about the weather, kids and politics (if you have to), and to relax.

It is encouraging to see Myles and Sandra make a move from corporate to craft. Even more encouraging to find them producing a premium quality coffee in a small corner of One Tree Hill. A trip to Weta is worth the effort. We promise. 

If you want the taste of One Tree Hill but cannot get there yourself, you can order it online for shipping in and around New Zealand: If you want to see them roast, see them. It happens on Sunday afternoons.

Hendrik van Wyk
Weta Coffee Fan

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