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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two Cowboys: Every Kiwi Kid's Dream at Rayglass Boats in Auckland, New Zealand

Dreams On the Water

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There's a modesty that comes with the Kiwi culture that is striking. New Zealand's producers are doing phenomenal things on the international stage with innovative products and services. They set the tone for, and lead innovation in many industries.

The source for this success is quite simple. Make the things you love, and keep making it better. However, when you ask them about it, the most you get out of them is. "Yee-na, Mate. We're just doing what needs to be done until she's right." Simple!

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There is one industry that is in the blood of every Kiwi. The boating and fishing business is big business Downunder. They love fishing whenever weather permits and is working daily to refine this art and the tools of the trade. The best fishing is in a Rayglass boat on the water, we're told.

We checked in with Dave Larsen and his team at Rayglass Boats. The company's products are well known in New Zealand and abroad as a premium option for leisure craft. The dream of every fisherman on the Islands is to have a Rayglass boat for his weekend fishing "trup".

Not many people know that their Protectors range is also an option of choice for hard work on the water. They've found favour with companies and law enforcement in most parts of the globe. Especially in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Russia, Asia and throughout the Pacific, they are used to travel quickly, safely and comfortably in virtually any conditions. They serve as patrol and rescue boats, as support vessels for international yacht racing teams, as fast pleasure cruisers and sports fishing boats and as superyacht tenders.

Dave and his team are living the dream by making the boat ownership dreams of others come true. Their reputation for excellence in design, construction, finish and performance is the result of a total commitment by everyone at Rayglass to quality. Their boats are the product of extensive research and development to constantly improve the designs, ride, seaworthiness and all round family comfort.


We've asked Dave about this extensive research and development and was surprised by his answer. I am not going to repeat his words, but it comes down to the fact that they have so much knowledge and experience of what works on the water, and so many years of refining the offering that they remain untouched by their competition. They set the standard by listening to their customers and iterating quickly to be responsive to meeting these needs. Their exceptional on-water performance comes from the utmost attention to quality and detail.

The highest endorsement of Rayglass’ performance came from the organisers of the world’s most prestigious yacht races - the Louis Vuitton Cup and America’s Cup - who have chosen on several occasions to have a fleet of Legend and Protector boats for on-water patrol and umpiring vessels.

Rayglass manufactures all their boats in Auckland New Zealand and sends it the world over. According to Dave, none are at the bottom of the ocean. Of all the units that have been manufactured in almost three decades, none have ever sunk. "They are unsinkable!" When I enquired about the colours in which the boats are available I was politely informed that the latest craze in Kiwi boat fashion is a "racing green stripe" (see photo below).

Talk about modesty and simplicity! The best unsinkable fishing boat in the world with a racing green stripe.

Hendrik van Wyk
Captain Cowboy

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