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Monday, August 7, 2017

Travelling Cowboys: Naughty Beer Run to Invermere for a Lager at Arrowhead Brewing Company, British Columbia

B.C. Border Beer Run

Arrowhead Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery located in Invermere, which is in between Radium and Fairmont, just two hours from Banff and 3 hours from Calgary, in the heart of the Columbia Valley, East Kootenay, British Columbia.


The brewery opened in October of 2012, but it's been a long-time dream of co-owner Shawn Tegart to start a craft brewery in the Columbia Valley of BC. Shawn and his wife and co-owner, Leanne Tegart, started working on turning the dream into reality in 2011.

Since then, Arrowhead has been consistently brewing a variety of ales, starting out with just two styles. These days there are six permanent beers available, as well as three to five seasonal varieties.

Arrowhead's goal is to change the way people view and drink beer; valuing quality and experimenting with different styles. They want to ignite passion in beer drinkers for craft beer and to cultivate a palate for a wide variety of beers.

They also highly value the good times and feel everyone should relax more and worry a lot less. This is music to our ears.


Arrowhead Brewing Company offers a great selection of beer growlers. It is expensive, so take a credit card. You will hurt to own one of their branded items. It is worthwhile because they are quality items.

We've stocked up on some of these expensive growlers and filled them with the Blonde Bombshell (4.8%). We found it our go-to beer for this brewery. It is a popular easy-drinking blonde ale with more flavor than a Lager (according to the brewer). It is light-coloured ale with an almost K├Âlsch-like finish from the German hops and is moderately carbonated. We love it.

There is a good wide selection of permanent brews on tap and some seasonals. We are so glad they added the Greywolf Premium Lager light. They claim it to be very easy to drink. Apparently, it's crisp and clean and the perfect companion to 18 holes of golf, or any sunny summer day! We won't know because we haven't tried it yet.

It is encouraging to see that craft breweries like Arrowhead are no longer shying away from the slower brewing crispier lagers. Cudos where it is due. It is great that a lager is now a permanent feature on their schedule.

The decor at the brewery is unique and there is a big story to it that you can only get when you visit the brewery. Go see it.

Arrowhead Brewing Company is a stop for us on our beer run through British Columbia and recommended by the Two Cowboys for an experience. They are not always the friendliest people around but the beer is good.

Hendrik van Wyk
Bombshell Cowboy

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