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"We celebrate local producers. We love good food. Drink too much. We cook with fire. We travel and live like there is no tomorrow."

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BC BBQ Festival and Picnic

Come Celebrate Our Producers in the Boundary Country of British Columbia

Event: Sunday - 6 September 2020

Greenwood, BC

The Boundary Country is between the fertile Kelowna valley and majestic Kootenay mountains with the best of both worlds and the richness of rural life. Here, you can tour and taste your way through Boundary Country’s farmers’ markets, orchards, dairies, and fairs. Each one is a unique chapter in an enduring story.

The area is fortunate to have a growing number of small producers, crafters, and makers. For example, the cultivation of land surrounding Grand Forks and Rock Creek dates back more than 100 years and continues to this day. Abundant sunshine, coupled with lush farmland, give a bumper crop of fruit and root vegetables. More recently, the area is also responsible for the above-average quality protein production of beef, pork, poultry, lamb and others.

There are many ways you can experience the flavours of Boundary Country. One of the best ways is to hang out with the "locals". They love to showcase their crops and keenly measure their talent for BBQ, Grilling and Cooking against those of their fellow neighbours.

The Annual Boundary Country BBQ Festival and Picnic (BC BBQ&P)

The festival and picnic is the chance to push the boundaries of cooking and feasting in the Boundary. It is a community cooking and eating celebration!

In 2020 the historic city of Greenwood, BC - the Centre of the Boundary - is host to the first-ever Boundary Country BBQ Festival and Picnic.

All residents, producers, and guests are invited to join in, for one day, once a year, to cook, grill, bbq, and showcase their products while trying to out-do their neighbours. It is the opportunity for the protein producers to serve their steaks, shoulders, chops and growers to showcase their fruits and vegetables.

It is a chance for anyone with any remote outdoor cooking affinity and skill, to join in the fun and compete-cook with their neighbours of the Boundary.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to bring their umbrella, outdoor cooking equipment, ingredients, recipes and skills, to cook, smoke, grill, boil, saute, simmer, whatever they can muster, and share, serve and feast with their fellow attendees for one day.

More Details:

  • The event is in the style of a Grand Picnic. 
  • Attendance and participation are by donation to cover the costs of the event. 
  • Winners are judged by popular vote and by your Hosts the Two Cowboys.
  • Bring your own initiative, cooking equipment, and ingredients.
  • Bring umbrellas or canopies. It can get hot and/or wet.
  • No food is to be sold, but it can be freely shared and sampled. 
  • Observe good food hygiene at all times.
  • A commercial kitchen is available for use, although it will get crowded.
  • Bathrooms are available.
  • Beverage Sponsors are welcome (More information to follow).
  • Camping is available in the area, and attendees are welcome to park the afternoon before with their Motorhomes, Trailers and RV's.
  • The Greenwood Fire Department will be in attendance.
  • There will be a Bonfire and live acoustic music by local artists.
  • (More details to follow...)

Your Hosts

In historic Greenwood’s city centre, you will find Two Cowboys cooking, smoking meat, and serving treats created from local products and food ingredients. The Cowboys are playing with food and catering to the people and events in the Boundary area.

They proudly showcase the excellent produce of the area and invite patrons to feast with them during the Summer months. By hosting the Boundary Country BBQ Festival and Feast, they hope to expand the celebration of food, encourage more people to cook their own food, and to share in the abundance of the area.

Partners & Volunteers

We are open to the help of Partners and Volunteers to make this event a massive success. You will get all the promotional credit and visibility we can give in return and the good-will support of our Boundary Country community.

Please get in touch!

The Venue
Greenwood City, BC - Ball Park
Government Avenue

Enquiries: Two Cowboys HQ
318 Copper Ave. South
Greenwood, British Columbia
Canada, V0H 1J0

Phone: +1 403 605 8343