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"We celebrate Life! We love good food. Drink too much. We cook with fire. We travel and live like there is no tomorrow."

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I Made This…
"Producers make things, and everyone benefits. They answer an innate call to move the world forward. It is who they are. They are the prime movers."

We are Artisans. Makers. We are Producers.

Creators Make Things

When we make something, we create and become more. Our creations extend and expand us. Our form of artistry is valuable to us. When others recognise what we produce by using it, it transforms them too. The value of our production contributes to the lives around us. It builds community.

Everyone Benefits

This is our incentive to pursue our calling. What we do has social value, unless we are constrained to exchange freely. If it is taken from us without our consent and agreement, and with no fair compensation, then our calling dies. Our incentive to produce disappears.

When We Produce

Without just reward, there is no purpose for us to produce and a better life. We have no reason to contribute to yours. The free exchange of value is the foundation for commerce and of the market. It is the lifeblood of civil society.

We Answer the Call

We the Producers, like artists, are visionaries that practices a form of faith. We see what we make clearly and move towards an ever-elusive creative goal. It starts out as something visible only to us. It is what we do. Our work creates the world. We answer to no one, but ourselves. Production is our solemn driven desire. It is our calling.

To Move The World Forward

We are the prime movers. The first movers and also the last movers. We are true to our truth. Producers know no other truth. Tradition and custom and what others have done before us, or what others wish us to do doesn’t constrain us. Rather, it drives us to keep re-inventing. We keep trying. We are the free thinkers that create. When we share our value, we move civilization forward. Without us, civil society ceases to exist.

It is Who We Are

Our work is our only reality and only great passion. Our happiness depends on nothing, but the achievement of value. In this, we find a sensation beyond happiness. It is a sensation with reason in itself; that justifies all existence. Purpose. Humanity at its highest possibility. The creator of worlds.

That is why the Producer is the most precious amongst us. Let us celebrate and promote the one creative endeavour that transcends ourselves to become more than we are. Let us inspire people to make something.

The Prime Mover

Let us Produce.
Hendrik van Wyk

Now, as never before, Producers are under threat from looters who act above the law. Looters make nothing and give themselves the right to take what is not theirs. They are people with fabricated rights to deny Producers their liberty and constrain and curtail the free exchange of their value. These are people that lay claim to what they've never produced. They destroy the respect and dignity of work. They threaten and eradicate purpose through regulation and taxation.

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