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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

When Maker Becomes Artist

The ultimate fulfilment for producers and makers is when craft becomes art. The logical step from here is to pass this knowledge on to the next generation.

I dabble in leather carving (

On my maker journey, leather carving inspired me to make beautiful and useful articles. The articles I make has the potential to outlast me if I take care of them. It also means that once I have a well made article, I probably won't need another one soon.

My journey taught me about meaning and purpose. It provided the mind space and satisfaction to create. The articles I make are useful and valuable to me. Making it is almost a meditation. Other people recognized the beauty and uniqueness of the articles. As a result, I've produced some custom items for a select few clients.

It is therefore inspiring to see a select group of craftspeople sharing these values, and investing in the perpetuation of their craft. Be introduced to the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association.

Who knows, maybe we get a chance to meet these folks soon...

Hopefully we get to feature their craft, their motivation and also introduce people to the possibility of learning how to make things themselves.


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