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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

o-CNN: Mountain Market Day in Canmore, Alberta

Market Day in the Rockies

The Canmore Mountain Market is a summer tradition for over twenty years. It is an opportunity for local businesses and budding entrepreneurs to step out of their buildings, into the downtown core, and meet fellow traders and customers in person. It is an all round fun day once a week, with friends and acquaintances.

Rain or shine, this market showcases a variety of locally and regionally produced items including fresh fruits and vegetables (with seasonal Alberta and B.C. options when available) elk meat, fresh poultry, gelato, nougat, toffee, olive oil, crafts and baked goods. Buskers perform, and the food scene at the market is growing with gourmet choices in burgers, cheese melts, crepes, waffles, gelato and more.

The Market is located next to the Canmore Civic Centre Plaza right in the heart of downtown on 7th Avenue and runs every Thursday from 10am-6pm May 26th to October 6th. This may be a problem in future, because according to Canmore Business and Tourism the market is three times over subscribed. There just isn't enough space in the allotted downtown core to accommodate everyone.

You need to know a local to get a spot. It may be time for Canmore to consider expanding the market, or find a new location where more businesses can be accommodated. We want more businesses in Canmore and more people to enjoy our great town, don't we? If Canmore misses this opportunity, another location is bound to accommodate the demand and Canmore may lose out. That is just how business works.

It is inspiring to see so many people wanting to trade in Canmore and to see the quality of businesses that make it to this market. Who knows, the next step may well be an all season market for Canmore. It has my vote, for sure.

Enjoy the promo. More news from the market to come soon.

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Hendrik van Wyk
Market Vendor

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