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Saturday, April 9, 2016

o-CNN: Cowboy News Network - Canmore Uncorked, Beer Festival

Who Let Them In?

I am referring to the folks from Ontario, BC and elsewhere that camped out this afternoon at the Canmore Uncorked Beer Festival at the lovely venue of the Steward Creek Golf Course Club House. Wow, what an event! What a location! What a variety!

Standing room only if you missed it. Twenty tastings. More for the ladies that didn't get their cards clipped (I am not telling...).

Mount Begbie is the only foreign brew for which I will brave BC's deadliest highway in winter. I easily drive the three hours and thirty two minutes in blowing snow and blizzardly conditions to get a case of Tall Timber Ale. It is one of the best. A must stop in Revelstoke. My wife will confirm this craziness that overcomes a big thirst on a Saturday afternoon, after a particularly good Hockey game. Glad they could make it.

I know Big Rock. Nothing beats a "Trad", but you have to realize: I am an underdog-supporting kind of guy. Trad is the king of beers in this province. The Keg in my living room, and my heart belongs to you. The rest can only dream of living up to your heavenly standard of English-style Ale, toasty malt, sweet caramel, nutty flavour, medium creamy carbonation, and mild hop bitterness. I hear music playing when I throw back a pint and realize, this is Alberta. The place of our beer.

Then there is the Bear. Canmore's own brew, Grizzly Paw faced some stiff competition in the room this afternoon. It did well. The way I describe Grizzly Paw to visitors to Canmore is that it is like a brother. He knows you love him. You don't have to tell it to him all the time. It is your go-to-guy when the chips are down. Grizzly after a thirsty round of golf at Steward Creek's famous golf course, or a hard day of pounding ice and powder in the glorious mountains of the Bow Valley. Life cannot get any better.

These were the big ones in the room, but there were many, many more. You should have been there.

Fallen Timber was a pleasant surprise. Mead, Beer, Wine? Who cares. It is just delicious.

How amazing to see so many brewers take an interest in Canmore, and the people of the Uncorked Festival supporting this event so well. We are happy to have you here. Ontario, Colorado, as we say here in the valley. Have a cold one on us! You are always welcome.

Hendrik van Wyk
Roaming Cowboy News Reporter

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