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Friday, April 8, 2016

o-CNN: Cowboy News Network - Canmore Uncorked, Long Table Dinner

Many Many Courses Later...

The weather was good. The mountains were beautiful. The sweet aroma of roast pork filled the air as the guests arrived for the pinnacle event of the Canmore Uncorked Festival: The Long Table Dinner. 

You couldn't have asked for a better venue, weather or company at this years dinner. Not one seat was empty. A hundred and fifty guests were treated to more courses than they can remember. Remembering appeared to be the main challenge this year while the wine flowed, the beer was crisp, and the waiters were galloping plates of delicious edible creations to an enormous table in the middle of the road, in downtown Canmore.

The event is usually sold out long before the tickets go on sale. Yes, you heard it right. You need a local to scalp you tickets for this one. 

Canmore Uncorked is about talent, dishes, and superb beverages. The long table dinner never disappoints. Set your watch and calendar for 2017's dinner reservations, and make sure you befriend a Canmorian (or, as some old timers refer to us: "Canmorons") to secure your ticket. Without this treasured relationship, you will be exactly where you are this year. A spectator!

You should be here...

Still Recovering Long Table Dinner Chef (Yes, I made the Gelato for your desert...), and roaming Cowboy News Network Reporter

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