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Thursday, July 7, 2016

o-CNN: Small Businesses in Canmore: BooTy with Tara Newbigging

Mini Business Profile

Canmore Business and Tourism encouraged the Two Cowboys to feature Canmore's up and coming businesses. We've produced a few mini-profiles to introduce you to the energy that is making Canmore such a great place to live, work, play, but ultimately launch successful businesses. We are proud to showcase the best of what is on offer in this Valley.

Tara Newbigging - BooTy®

Tara's mission is to encourage and empower people to live their ultimate lives - whatever that can be. Every great business starts with a commitment to creating and adding value. In this case, Tara's commitment is to help others discover what is possible, and then to coach and encourage them to go for it. 

In 2013 Tara created her own fitness program which she decided to call BooTy®. It is trademarked and shared around Canada. She has 12 other woman teaching the program with her. Women are loving it, and it is obvious why. Tara has taken fitness, energy work, music, and inspiration to the next level by making it fun. She is offering women the unique opportunity to connect, transform and improve the quality of their lives through health and a positive frame of mind. 

BooTy® is Tara Newbigging’s signature class and is an inspiring women’s-only, barefoot fitness program designed to unleash potential in body, mind, and soul. The BooTy® program combines high intensity fitness moves with powerful music and movement creating a perfect balance between intensity and fun! Woman walk away feeling strong, sexy and empowered to live their most authentic lives, we are told.

Tara promises a Cowboy BooTy program is in the works for men. The Two Cowboys are first in line, for sure. Physically we can do with a lot more exercise and losing a few (lots of) pounds. Spiritually, we (and our friend Jack) are told that we need all the help we can get ;-) If Tara can fix us, think what she can do for the rest of you.

Get more of Tara and her inspirational energy at her website:

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