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Monday, July 4, 2016

Two Cowboys on a Journey: Business Innovation Rodeo at Calgary Stampede 2016, Alberta Canada

Innovators Take Note

Entrepreneurs. Innovators. Producers and Makers. Grab your Cowboy hats. Put on your boots, and saddle your horses for Calgary's first Innovation Rodeo.

Now, you have the best excuse ever to make the trip to the greatest outdoor show on earth: Calgary's Stampede.

How about combining it with an annual business pilgrimage to the Calgary Innovation Rodeo to meet with Alberta's best Innovators, Entrepreneurs and business minds? These are people that can give you a hand in making your idea the next big one. They can help move your businesses to the next level. Maybe, they can connect you to a better business future. The opportunity is here. Your next move is to grab it with both hands.

What is the Innovation Rodeo?

A group of switched-on business people decided that the best time to innovate is when you have to reinvent yourself. This is exactly where Alberta's businesses are during the recent economic downturn. As Entrepreneurs in Alberta it is time that we look at new ways of doing things, or find new things to do.

The next best opportunity is when you have motivated innovators and business people from all over North America and the world visiting your town for fun and celebrations. That is when you make the connections and build your network. That is when you make your move.

Stampede week is when it is happening for Calgary. The whole city's summer energy is focussed on this epic celebration. Craig Elias and his team grabbed the opportunity of people visiting the city, to launch the Innovation Rodeo at the same time, and bring business people together.

The Innovation Rodeo is five days of education, collaboration, competition and celebration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You can attend individual sessions (if you need a day or two off) or buy tickets to the entire week. The Innovation Rodeo uses lunch and learns, innovation challenges, and panel discussions to help Innovators and Entrepreneurs connect with each other, to share and develop the relationships, and skills needed to commercialize their ideas faster.

Calgary's Innovation Rodeo connects out of town Innovators and Entrepreneurs with some of Calgary’s most promising Innovators and most successful Entrepreneurs, so everyone can develop new skills, solve innovation challenges, exchange ideas, and help each other commercialize their innovations.

On the last day the best solutions to the innovation challenges are pitched to celebrity judges who pick the winner of the grand prize.

We cannot tell you how excited we are about the launch of this initiative. For months we've toiled away at showcasing Alberta's Producers, and inspire people to become Entrepreneurs. Now we get to sit in on a pinnacle event with all of Alberta's entrepreneurial energy combined that promises to be the catalyst for more and better business in Alberta.

Please help us and support Craig and his team. Please be there. We will see you there. Get your tickets here:

Hendrik van Wyk
Producer and Entrepreneur.
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