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Friday, November 11, 2016

o-CNN: Big Sky BBQ Smoked Meat and Beer With Friends in Okotoks, Alberta

BBQ With Friends

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Rob Bolton has a lot of friends. Believe me. A lot of them!

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It is not just because he does amazing BBQ and serve cold beer. It is because he is a community guy, an entrepreneur at heart and he knows what his customers want. We are a fan of whatever Rob is cooking up next. That is why we cannot wait to get the word out about his latest adventure.

We checked in with Rob on the opening weekend of his new venture: Big Sky BBQ.

It is a BBQ Pit, Barn, Drive-Through, Drive-By, Patio, Drive-in, Biker Yard, Lawn, Bar, Hangout. Call it whatever you will. One thing is for sure. It is going to be the meeting place on the 22A into Okotoks, Alberta. The place where women will come looking for their husbands.

What we didn't expect is Rob's plan to make it an Okotokian Breakfast stop on your way to work in Calgary. He assured us that the app is in development. We checked with the developer in new Zealand. It is on schedule. The plan is for all breakfast to be eatable one-handed and that you will have it within 30 seconds from pulling up to the window. How you clean your hands in the car is your problem.

I guess a sticky steering wheel will just serve as the ideal reminder to pick something up for dinner on your way home.

Rob, you have a winner. You had us at BBQ and Beer. We are glad to be friends. Now we have one more excuse to make the trip to Okotoks.

Guess where it will be?

Hendrik van Wyk
BBQ Cowboy

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