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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Two Cowboys: Weta Coffee Cold Brew and Rave Coffee, A Bean Exchange in Auckland, New Zealand

Crossing Oceans With Coffee

The Two Cowboys has several coffee sponsors. Two of them are among our favourites because they were the first to buy into our approach for promoting local producers. We have one on each side of the Pacific Ocean. Weta Coffee in Auckland New Zealand and Rave Coffee Canada in Canmore, Alberta.

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Because we travel a lot between New Zealand and Canada, we decided to embark on a bit of a coffee exchange between them. Dean from Rave Coffee asked us to deliver two of his favourites to Miles and Sandra. His signature blend, and also a Guatemalan Roast.  I asked Dean why he is sending a single origin all the way to New Zealand. Surely, they ship green beans to New Zealand from Guatemala? His reply: "All the talent is in the roast."

We checked in with Miles to deliver the package. Enjoy the video.

As you probably know, New Zealand is about to embark on their summer holidays. In Canada, we like ice coffee in summer. Kiwis are no exception. When the days heat up, they are fond of their cold coffee too.

Cold-Brew With Coconut

Miles introduced us to Weta Coffee's Cold-Brew. No, it is not the standard shots of espresso over ice. This is actually a sophisticated approach f0r making a really amazing drink. Cold-brewed coffee is ground coffee steeped in cold water for up to 24 hours and strained. Iced coffee is generally brewed hot and poured over ice.

There is a distinct difference in taste between the two methods. Ice coffee is done fast on the espresso machine and is quite strong because it is will get diluted by the ice later. Cold-Brew uses a process of infusion to extract more subtle flavours from the roasted beans. The result is often sweeter. Once it is made it is bottled and refrigerated to be consumed within 10 days. You can add ice to it, milk, and sugar. However, because it is already diluted it will not be as strong. It will make for a refreshing light drink intead.

If you are ready for the Two Cowboys version then here you go.


  • Quantities need to be adjusted for the time-of-day you plan to drink your coffee.
  • Early morning, take the coffee and save the Vodka for later.
  • After lunch, start with a little bit of Vodka and as the afternoon progress increase the ratio while decreasing the milk.
  • Early evening, leave out the milk entirely and adjust the coconut and vodka accordingly.
  • Bedtime, take the Vodka and save the coffee for the morning.
  • Mix to taste. 
If the above sounds impossible, then you may probably be right. It isn't easy being the Two Cowboys. You will have to travel to do this recipe right. Come on the road with us for the privilege of enjoying the above drink. It is an amazing adventure that span oceans and cross continents (and the odd Island) with good friends like Dean, Sandra and Miles.

Hendrik van Wyk
Cowboy Coffee

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