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Monday, November 14, 2016

Two Cowboys: Clean and Nice Smelling Christmas Cowboys with Rocky Mountain Soap Company in Canmore, Alberta

Getting Soaped

If you are like me, with family members that have everything they desire, then you will know how hard it is to do Christmas shopping.

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Every Christmas I tease them that all they will get this time is socks and soap. This year I should make good on my promise. Thanks to Cam and Karina at the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. I may get away with it.

We checked in with Rocky Mountain Soap Co for another instalment of cleanliness in the Bow Valley. We wanted to find out what is available for Christmas to make shopping easy, natural and healthy. Because we are also about understanding and promoting good businesses, we wanted to know what is new at the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. business end.

If you haven't been introduced to the business, have a look here.


Cam Baty, the co-owner updated us on two recent developments at Rocky Mountain Soap. Firstly, there is a focus on reducing the complexity of the products with fewer ingredients. Second, is to explore more environmentally responsible packaging. In both of these cases, it makes good business sense and aligns with the values of the people that buy and use their products.

Fewer ingredients require fewer manufacturing steps. The inputs to the processes are reduced. Correspondingly, it reduces risk and simplifies operations. A simpler process requires less labour and has a direct impact on the cost. Words such as "hand-made", "lovingly crafted" or "artisan" are often used as marketing speak to position a brand, but is a far cry from what really happens (or should happen) in manufacturing.

The reality of any manufacturing operation is that it must strike a fine balance between putting out great products that customers love and doing it for a reasonable return. Else, there is no point in doing the business. Sometimes it can only be done by hand. In other cases mechanizing an operation is the way to deliver consistent and good affordable quality. In both cases, keeping things simple is a win-win.

When it comes to the good products of Rocky Mountain Soap Co. there is a benefit in fewer ingredients and keeping things simpler for our bodies. With a less crowded list of ingredients and no toxins, those that are present have the opportunity to come to their right to do the best job they can. You and I get to know what we are using when we use their soap, put on their sunscreen or wash our hair (for those of us that do have hair). Simple and good.

The harder nut to crack is finding environmentally responsible packaging in the cosmetics industry. Soap in a bar is easy. You can simply wrap it in paper. It is not so easy when it comes to lotions, pastes and other viscosities. The industry hasn't solved those problems and plastic bottles and tubes are standard. We all know that this is a continuing problem that ends up in landfills, if not the ocean.

Rocky Mountain Soap has been experimenting with a small paper container for their lip quench. See it here. They call it paper pots. While it is a more expensive option (for now), Cam believes it is the right way to go. More of their products may go the same way in the near future. We think it is the right approach too.

Enjoy your shopping with Rocky Mountain Soap Company this Christmas:
At least we know we are going to have clean Cowboys in 2017.

P.S. Also, ask for the "Serious Scrub" to get your "man hands" clean, smooth and healthy. It has rocks  (pumice) in it...

Hendrik van Wyk
Nice Smelling Clean Cowboy

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