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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

o-CNN: Christmas 2016 at the Calgary Farmers' Market in Alberta, Canada

Not Just a Summer Thing

It is that time of year again. We were just getting ready for 2016, to realize that it slipped out right from under us. It is almost gone. Before we know it we will have survived Christmas too. It is likely to be a non-event this year with all the other things that took place to make this an epic year.

Or, will it?

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You know it is the last few days when the snow starts to fall and the bells start to ring. It is that time of year when you get those mysterious little notes around the house. Notes with hints. Suggestions. Lists. On your desk. Under your pillow. On Facebook!

The Two Cowboys also received a note. It came from Kerry Miller, the Calgary Farmers' Market Event Organizer. She invited us to find out what is on offer at the market for Christmas. A first for the Calgary market. We thought that Farmer's Markets were a Summer only affair. We were wrong.

By now you probably know we cannot let an invitation to a market go unanswered. We had to oblige and find out more. We found that it is a new holiday tradition at the Calgary Farmers’ Market titled as Calgary’s "Newest" Christmas Market.  From November 18th to December 11th, 2016 you will be able to visit all of the favourite vendors, plus a number of new and exciting "pop-up" holiday vendors offering Yuletide gifts, food, jewellery, d├ęcor and more. Everything for your lists.

There will be plenty of activities from Santa and Carollers to gifting workshops and kids’ activities. It is more of the good things you are accustomed to at the market, only Christmassy.

The festivities kicks off on the 18th of November. More details here.

It is free to attend and guaranteed to fill your stockings, empty your wallet and put smiles on your family's faces. Now you have another excuse to hang out with friends at our local market. You may just find us there too. It is our people.

Thank you for the invitation, Kerry!
Glad we received your note.

Hendrik van Wyk
Christmas Cowboy

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